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Metro & Depot

Customer Challenge:

Customer was looking to replace five complex hardwood turnouts at a busy European public transport hub with a longer life solution compared to timber. Turnouts were required to be prefabricated at a turnout manufacturer specified by the client before delivery to site. The existing hardwood bearers installation were in service for just 14 years before requiring replacement due to the quick deterioration of hardwood. The client required a safe and reliable long-term track solution, capable of supporting train frequencies of between 2.5 and 3 minutes at this location.

Sicut Solution:

Sicut composite sleeper dimensions were 152mm x 304mm, with lengths ranging from 2.4m to 5m used for this installation.  Sicut’s unique joining plates were used to ‘join’ two bearers together to increase the overall length of a bearer for any requirement over 5m . Handling and installation (drilling, cutting and fastening) requirements were the same as those adopted for timber bearers and no additional training was required for fabricators, or for site installation teams.