Sicut Composite Ties (Sleepers) have been supplied for a range of bridge projects, both closed deck and open deck steel girder designs.   Because every bridge is different and requires careful consideration with respect to tie (sleeper) size, fastening, fixing and installation method, Sicut has worked in close cooperation with customers and partners to offer the necessary bridge tie (sleeper) solutions on a range of different projects.   Standard Sicut Composite Ties (Sleepers) have been installed on several closed deck bridges across the world and continue to be used daily by both passenger and freight traffic.   Sicut Composite Ties (Sleepers) have also been used on steel girder bridges, using bespoke fixing methods.

As a more recent innovation, Sicut’s composites have also been used to replace timber as the sub-ballast decking for a closed deck bridge refurbishment project in the UK, extending life and reducing future maintenance requirements to the bridge structure.  Sicut’s collaborative approach provides the opportunity to create novel, long term solutions to the many challenges facing railway bridge asset managers.

Snap shot of advantages:

  • High compressive strength
  • Very long life without maintenance 
  • Much lighter and less stiff than concrete 
  • Non-leaching & non-toxic for bridges over water courses

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