Sicut’s Composite S&C Bearers are helping customers significantly extend the life of key rail infrastructure assets, delivering improved performance and value.   Sicut Composite S&C Bearers deliver the many advantages of timber bearers, flexibility, adaptability, lower track stiffness, noise and vibration reduction and wear resistance while not degrading rapidly with time.  Sicut Composite S&C Bearers have been installed in wide a range of projects in plain line, industrial, metro and light rail applications, including in some of the busiest public transport locations in Europe.

Sicut Composite S&C Bearers are a similar weight to the timber they replace and can be handled with the same equipment and training.    By utilising a jointing system developed with one of Sicut’s customers, Sicut Composite S&C Bearers can also be joined together to create longer lengths, allowing customers to replace very long bearers more quickly and efficiently, reducing both cost and health and safety risks.


Snap shot of advantages:

  • Long life and excellent value
  • Easy to handle and install and supports prefabrication
  • Available in a wide range of custom lengths
  • Very high electrical resistance
  • 1/3 of the weight of concrete bearers
  • No special storage required

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