Sicut Composite Sleepers are manufactured from a unique blend of recycled plastics, reinforced with glass fibre.  They deliver outstanding performance over a very long service life: maintenance free.   The technology, originally developed in the US from the early 1990’s, has been progressively improved and perfected at commercial scale.  Sicut’s technologies have been extensively tested and proven, in both the laboratory and track, in the US and Europe, enduring some of the most demanding testing ever undertaken on a railway sleeper, of any material.

Sicut Composite Sleepers have been installed in heavy haul, passenger mainline, metro and light rail applications and under extremely wide ranging environmental conditions, from the dessert in the Middle East, to high humidity areas in SE Asia, to the very coldest areas of North America, as well as across Europe.   Extensive independent test data and a plethora of reference projects are available to demonstrate performance.  Sicut Composite Sleepers also benefit from a growing number of type approvals and certifications.


Sicut Composite Sleepers are also easy to handle, using existing equipment and training, and can be installed by small track teams in short periods; helping to keep the rail traffic moving. Equally they can be installed using high output machinery capable of installing timber sleepers.   Sicut Composite Sleepers can be fitted with a wide range of baseplate and clipping systems designed for timber sleepers, included but not limited to, K type, SKL, Nabla, e-clip and fast clip.

Proven Applications:

  • Plain Line
  • Heavy Freight
  • Tunnels
  • Tram, Metro & Subway
  • Slab Track

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With proven performance, highest quality and consistency and true sustainability, Sicut Composite Sleepers offer the best value for track asset managers