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Customer Challenge:

Deutsche Bahn’s 1.4km historical mountain railway track required some of its existing 3m hardwood sleepers to be replaced. The client wanted to use a environmentally friendly long lasting sleeper, which was in keeping with the location and would mitigate the need to replace sleepers in 15-20 years.  The track had to withstand 52t cable car loads travelling at 30km/h on a 25% inclination track and overcome restricted access to the construction site. The service is used by 1,200 passengers a day and the track temperature ranges between -12°C and +31°C.

Sicut Solution:

Sicut Sleepers were authorised for use by DB Netz after four years of successful DB track installations and extensive TU Munich laboratory testing and data collection.  Sicut composite sleepers weighing approximately 115kg and with dimensions 152mm x 304mm x 3000mm were used for this project sleeper due to their similar characteristics, handling and weight of wood.